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Genuine PCB Smart Proximity Renault Captur Clio 4 2012 2017

P/N: 285971998R 4 Buttons 433MHz ID 4A HITAG AES PCF7953M




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Renault Captur 2013 2019
Renault Clio 4 2012 2017

A2C53419439: for Renault Clio IV, Captur, and Symbol Original Key Cardboards

A2C53419439 may seem like a string of random characters and numbers, but for owners of Renault Clio IV, Captur, and Symbol vehicles, it holds significant importance. In the realm of automotive electronics, particularly in keyless entry systems, A2C53419439 refers to a specific component crucial for the functionality of the vehicle's key card.

Understanding A2C53419439:

A2C53419439 is a printed circuit board (PCB) part number, serving as the electronic backbone of the remote control key card utilized in Renault automobiles. Designed to accommodate the advanced features of modern vehicle security and convenience systems, this PCB is meticulously engineered to meet the stringent standards set forth by Renault.

Features and Functionality:

  • Compatibility: A2C53419439 is specifically tailored for integration into key cards used in Renault Clio IV (2013+), Captur, and Symbol models. Its design ensures seamless compatibility and functionality within these vehicles.
  • Remote Control Capabilities: The PCB enables remote control functionality, allowing users to lock, unlock, and perform other vehicle operations wirelessly.
  • Hitag - AES Technology: A2C53419439 incorporates Hitag - AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology, operating at a frequency of 433MHz. This encryption ensures secure communication between the key card and the vehicle, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Immobilizer Chip Integration: Integral to A2C53419439 is the Philips (NXP) PCF7953/7945 immobilizer chip. This chip plays a pivotal role in vehicle security, providing authentication and authorization protocols.

Context of the A2C53419439:

  • Identification and Compatibility: A2C53419439 is the unique board part number associated with the electronic key card for Renault vehicles, particularly compatible with models like the Clio IV, Captur, and Symbol.
  • Electronic Board Functionality: A2C53419439 serves as the main electronic board within the key card, housing the necessary circuits and components required for communication between the key and the vehicle's onboard systems.
  • Integration with Remote Control System: This board facilitates the operation of the remote control functionality, allowing users to lock, unlock, and perform other functions related to vehicle access and security.
  • Button Configuration: The A2C53419439 board is designed to accommodate 4 Hitag buttons, providing users with convenient access to various vehicle functions through the remote control interface.
  • Chip Compatibility and Immobilizer Functionality: A2C53419439 is compatible with Hitag-AES (433MHz) chips and is equipped with an immobilizer chip, specifically the Philips (NXP) PCF7953/7945. This chip plays a critical role in preventing unauthorized access to the vehicle and enhancing overall security.
  • Fully Tested for Functionality: Before installation, A2C53419439 undergoes thorough testing to ensure proper frequency generation and immobilizer chip reading. This rigorous testing process helps guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of the key card in real-world usage scenarios.
  • Direct Compatibility and Programming: With A2C53419439 installed, the key card can be directly registered and programmed to the vehicle without any compatibility issues or complications. This streamlines the installation process and ensures seamless integration with the vehicle's existing systems.

In summary, A2C53419439 is a critical component within the Renault key card system, providing essential functionality, compatibility, and security features. Its integration ensures smooth operation and reliable performance, making it an integral part of the overall vehicle access and security infrastructure.

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