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KEYMAX V9.0+ New Silver Version



OEM Part Number V9.0+
weight 27 KG


Easy Entrie Key duplicator machine V9 plus

Easy Entrie V9 plus Every customer is important:

As a key service or security specialist shop, you encounter as a service an important task when you master the milling of replacement keys.
That's why it's bad for every customer that you can't operate because the right flan isn't at hand.
The EasyEntrie milling machine belongs to the past.
Because you can make any blank in no time with the EasyEntrie profile milling machine itself.

V9 plus Key duplicator machine Locking system - Autonomous profiles

For lock and lock cylinders with "own profiles", manufacturers usually do not have corresponding blanks.
This is very annoying for the customer if he does not receive a matching key for the lock cylinder or waits a very long time.
With the EasyEntrie milling machine, place the corresponding blank right in front.

Machine V9 plus Mill your blanks yourself

With the EasyEntrie V 9.0+ milling machine, you can create blanks with almost any profile yourself immediately!
With 30x30x30 cm it is suitable for even the smallest locksmiths.
Simply EasyEntrie connects to the socket and uses the customer's key.
The key profile is automatically scanned.
Then clamp a Rohlex without a profile and within minutes a corresponding profile is automatically milled in the Rohlex.
Finished is the blank for the customer.
This saves huge additional storage costs.

Rohlex is "blank" key blanks.
They have no profile or teeth and are the basic parts for cutting your own key blanks with the EasyEntrie.
Depending on the type of key you want to copy, there are 3 different types of Rohlex:

 basic parts for cutting your own key blanks
Nickel silver keys are more stable than brass keys.
To cut nickel silver keys, it is necessary to have the latest version (V9) of Easy Entry.

Key duplicator machine Safety during operation

Do not touch the cutter during the cutting process and always keep children away from the machine to avoid the risk of injury.
Keep the plastic door always closed during the cutting process.

Easy Entrie Key duplicator Facility

Place EasyEntrie on a table with the power supply next to it.
Do not plug in the cable yet!
The power supply should be placed away from any liquid.
Also, make sure the power supply isn't right next to the profile-cutting unit so that the chips cannot fall through the slots in the frame.

V9 plus Key duplicator machine Connect

Turn off the power supply.
Insert the small plug into the right socket (24V) on the back of EasyEntrie.
Insert the shockproof plug into a 230V AC socket with earthing (protective contact).
As EasyEntrie is mainly used in Germany, the power supply unit is for 230V AC with this type of plug.

** Please use an adapter for your country's plug and voltage!
** NOTE: If EasyEntrie is left unattended for an extended period of time (i.e. overnight), please turn off the power supply.

Key duplicator machine Preparations

Please measure the original keys only.
Important! Do not use a cut key blank to measure the profile.
Remove the key from your customer's keyring.
The key should be completely separate from everything else, i.e. no keychain, no keychain pendant, and no recognition ceiling!
Remove dirt from the original key with a wire brush.

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