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Lonsdor 1 Year Software Activation For Toyota AKL Online Calculation

K518 And KH100

  • Serial Number Is Required .
  • After receiving the payment notification and Serial Number, we will promptly send you the file or an update notification.

Lonsdor Toyota AKL Online Calculation 1 Year Activation for K518ISE K518S & KH100+

Lonsdor Toyota AKL 1-year activation online calculation for K518 and KH100+
Support the latest Toyota and Lexus smart key, all key lost and add key.

Lonsdor K518 Series

Lonsdor K518ISE + LKE Emulator + ADP 8A/4A Adapter & JCD-1 & JCD-2 Cable + 1 Year Software Activation
Lonsdor K518ISE + KH100 + LKE Emulator And JCD-1 & JCD-2 Cable - 1 Year FREE UPDATE
Lonsdor K518ISE Full Software And 1 Year Update With LKE Emulator - No Token Limitation
Lonsdor K518ISE Full Software + 1 Year Free Update NO TOKEN LIMITATION

 Get -20% Discount On All Update Subscriptions For K518 Series

Lonsdor Toyota 1 Year Activation for K518 & KH100+ Software Highlight

Support the latest Toyota and Lexus smart key, all key lost and add key.
Newly add functions for AKL of Toyota/Lexus by OBD data backup (only for K518 series, not for Kh100+)
No need to remove the smart box module!
No PIN is required! One Button Update!
Need to use FT02-PH0440B (Toyota key) / FT08-PH0440B (Lexus key) to collect data and generate directly with K518/KH100+.
Emergency Start + PKE + Push-to-start + Remote work well!
No need for reseller code and quick online calculation to generate!
Faster! Easier! Without risk!

This Toyota online AKL annual license is separate from the K518 update.
No shipping is required.
Please let us know the serial number of your device after paying for it online.
Once the software is activated, you cannot cancel and get a refund.

How to work with Toyota AKL online calculation?
To add an original key, please go to: "Generate emergency key"
To make all keys lost, please go to: "Generate smart key"
The operating processes are the same in both cases!

Menu path:
K518: Special functions--> Key settings--> FT smart key-->8A
KH100: Special function--> FT smart key-->8A--> "Generate Emergency/Smart Key"

Lonsdor Toyota 1-Year Activation Supported Vehicle Models:

Highlander 2017-, Crown 2016-2018, Prado 2018-, Lexus IS series 2016-2018

Camry 2018, Vellfire 2020-, IZOA 2018-, C-HR 2018-
RAV4 2020-, Wildlander 2020-, Avalon 2019-, Crown Kluger 2022-, Lexus ES Series 2020-, UX series 2018-, LS series 2020-
Corolla 2019-, Levin 2019-

Update【August 2, 2023】K518 Series Super Update Toyota/Lexus 8A -BA Chip Type
Smart key Add and AKL
free password
No need for ADP
Note: Requires Toyota AKL license update
Supported Vehicle Models (2022-):
Harrier Granvia BZ4X
Venza Sienna Wildlander
Sequoia Tundra Land Cruiser

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