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Techno Lock Keys
Techno Lock Keys
Scorpio Tango SLK 01 SLK 07 Toyota 7 pcs emulator kit 33414 mainScorpio Tango SLK 01 SLK 07 Toyota 7 pcs emulator kit 33414 main
Scorpio Orange5 NDM457 Adapter 24041 mainScorpio Orange5 NDM457 Adapter 24041 front
Orange5 Lead with Clip SOIC8 and DIP8 24035 mainOrange5 Lead with Clip SOIC8 and DIP8 24035 top
Scorpio Orange5 3M Clip 26010 mainScorpio Orange5 3M Clip 26010 top
scorpio LK emulators SLK 03E front 34470scorpio LK emulators SLK 03E back 34470
scorpio LK emulators SLK 04E front 34471scorpio LK emulators SLK 04E back 34471
scorpio LK emulators SLK 05 front 34472scorpio LK emulators SLK 05 back 34472
Scorpio Barracuda H IMMO Adapter 32389 mainScorpio Barracuda H IMMO Adapter 32389 back
Barracuda JTAG Adapter 32392 mainBarracuda JTAG Adapter 32392 front
Barracuda PCF Adapter 32393 mainBarracuda PCF Adapter 32393 back


Scorpio-LK was founded in Sopot, Bulgaria in 1991 by Lyubomir Karaivanov more than 20 years ago.
Since 2005, Scorpio-LK has been developing tools for those working in the field of automotive maintenance and repair.


  • Adapters
  • Key Programming Device
  • Emulators
  • Tango
  • Software
  • Accessories

With Gambit (released in 2006) and Tango (released in 2008), their focus shifted to finding vehicle transponder key creation solutions and features useful to locksmiths worldwide.
In ten years, Tango has become one of the most widely used and best-known RFID transponder key programmers, covering a wide range of car makes and models, with dozens of world-first functional versions.
Always strive to solve and deploy elegant solutions to complex car immobilizers and other practical problems that locksmiths encounter in their daily work.
The development of their work led to Barracuda (released in 2018), which aims to complement Tango and expand the tools we can use to develop the capabilities of the latest vehicle systems.

Scorpio Products:

  1. Tango Programmer
  2. Barracuda Programmer
  3. Orange-5 Programmer

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